Registering Your Business Name and Registering Your Brand Name

When Are You Required to Register Your Business Name?

You are obligated to check in your business name with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), as long as you:

Include other phrases in your enterprise call besides your personal. For example, Graham Jones Pool Cleaning or Henderson & Sons would each require registration.
Are trading below a name this is something however your very own
If you are operating a employer (consisting of legalities Pty Ltd) and register business hong kong you want to change underneath a call that is not your enterprise call.
The most effective exemption to registration is if you are trading below your personal call: that being your given name or initials, accompanied by way of your surname.

You aren’t accredited to use an unregistered commercial enterprise name, or a name that isn’t either your personal name, or your corporation’s call.

The Rights of a Registered Business Name Owner

Business call registration is not similar to trademark registration, and does no longer include the equal rights and powers. If you want to order your enterprise name in your personal one of a kind use, you have to observe separately for trademark registration, because the searches, programs, and application strategies are entirely exclusive from one another. Business call registration does now not:

Grant you unique rights over the business call
Stop others from registering a confusingly similar name
Stop some other party from the usage of your enterprise call as an indicator
Stop a pre-current trademark holder from using your business call (in reality, you may in all likelihood be infringing on their rights)
Prevent every other party taking legal motion in opposition to you if you infringe on their rights
Choosing Your Business Name

A uniquely identifiable business call, along with the goodwill that comes with the name, is an essential asset to have while you’re handling consumers, creditors, and competition. It is really worth investing time in developing with a clever business name because this call ought to in truth upload price to your enterprise. Your commercial enterprise call is crucial to each your photo and branding.

Your commercial enterprise call ought to reflect the character of your commercial enterprise. It ought to assist customers recognize what types of goods and services you provide.

Make positive that your commercial enterprise name or brand name is:

Short and sweet
Simple to pronounce and spell
Not misleading
When you are buying and selling across the world, test the appropriateness of your commercial enterprise name in different cultures.

Applying for Registration

Once you have got determined on a call to your enterprise, you must contact ASIC to determine whether or not your enterprise call is still available for registration, and to check in your enterprise name.

The application may be carried out online. You will want to provide the subsequent data:

Your Australian Business Number (ABN) or, within the least, an ABN utility reference range

Registering Your Business Name and Registering Your Brand Name
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